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2972 eyes treated with " Rock n Roll" phaco technique, 4577 treated with " divide and conquer" phaco technique were assessed 6 weeks postoperatively using the QiB-System

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First Author: D.Uthoff GERMANY

Co Author(s):    M. P              

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We introduce a new phacoemulsification technique named " Rock n Roll" -Phaco. This technique developed by D.U. was first described on the ESCRS in 2008. Using the QIB system, in this study the " Rock n Roll" Phaco Technique is compared with a common cracking phaco technique.


Eye Hospital Bellevue, Lindenallee 21, 24105 Kiel, Germany


The " Rock n Roll" phaco technique starts like any phacoemulsification. After CCC and hydrodissection one start sculpting the nucleus, then nudging it 360 degrees, interrupted by further sculpting. The following key step of this method is the nucleus rotation of 180 degrees along its horizontal axis with the help of phacoemulsification tip. Later the nucleus is stabilized with a spatula and then emulsified from its posterior side. The " Quality Index Bellevue System" (QiB) transfers each medical finding into a quality index, which bases upon the German school grading system. The QiB system is built up of three subarea QiBs. (Subjective, objective and patient satisfaction QiB.) Using the following parameters, we investigated the safety, efficiency and predictability of the " Rock n Roll" phaco technique compared with a cracking phaco technique: seq, anterior chamber, tonometry, cornea, posterior capsular, IOL localization. We examined 7549 eyes (2972 eyes operated by DU and 4577 Eyes operated by DH) during the period from 2006 to 2011.


The values derived from the third control check, which was ~6 weeks postop. Results of " Rock n Roll" phaco technique: Mean SEQ, -0,393 ± 0,787 dpt (QiB: 1,63 ± 0,983), mean anterior chamber QiB 1,06 ± 0,281, mean Tonometry QiB 1,32 ± 1,047, mean corneal QiB 1,12 ± 0,577, mean posterior capsular QiB 1,01 ± 0,180, mean IOL localization QiB 1,01 ± 0,116. Results of " divide and conquer" phaco technique: Mean SEQ, -0,365 ± 0,728 dpt (QiB: 1,58 ± 0,933), mean anterior chamber QiB 1,05 ± 0,245, mean Tonometry QiB 1,35 ± 1,108, mean corneal QiB 1,09 ± 0,493, mean posterior capsular QiB 1,01 ± 0,187, mean IOL localization QiB 1,01 ± 0,102.


Both techniques show similar results concerning, safety, efficiency and predictability. Using the " Rock n Roll" phaco technique no nuclear fragmentation in the traditional sense is necessary, leading to less manipulation in the capsular bag and suspensory apparatus. This technique is faster and universally applicable regardless of core hardness and pupil size. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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