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Corneal biomechanics in post LASIK steroid responders

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First Author: P.Solanki INDIA

Co Author(s):    S. D'souza   K. Naville Wadia   R. Shetty        

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To identify early rise in intraocular pressure in steroid responders post LASIK patients by evaluating corneal biomechanics.


All patients who underwent LASIK at the Department of Refractive Surgery at our Hospital were enrolled.


This was a descriptional prospective case study. All subjects were given standard post operative medications and instructions after LASIK procedure. As a part of the routine post operative evaluation of our LASIK patients, biomechanics of the cornea were evaluated using Corvis (Corvis ST, Oculus, Germany) and Ocular Response Analyzer (ORA; Reichert Inc., Depew, NY). On follow-up, patients with altered biomechanical properties post LASIK showed an increase in Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP) probably suggestive of an early steroid response. This was confirmed with Goldmann applanation tonometry which was also correlating with the pressures obtained from Corvis and ORA. On treating them appropriately with topical IOP lowering agents and changing them over to low potency topical steroids or NSAIDs, the IOP was controlled. The intraocular pressure was maintained well within the normal limits on progressive follow ups.


Thirty eyes (15 patients) were enrolled in the study. An early rise in the intraocular pressure as detected by Corvis (27.15mm Hg, 18.5-40 mm Hg) and ORA (IOPc – 29.36 mm Hg, 41- 21 mm Hg, IOPg – 27.57 mm Hg, 42.1-20.1 mm Hg) measured as compared to Goldmann’s applanation tonometry(27.73 mm Hg, 43-23.3 mm Hg). The ORA (CRF – 11.9 mm HG, 16.7-7 mm Hg, CH – 7.56, 9.6-4.7) and Corvis (DA – 0.72, 0.89-0.55) showed altered corneal biomechanics in patients with higher intraocular pressures.


Corneal Biomechanics may thus be helpful in picking up an early response to steroids in patients post operatively. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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