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Bubble Technique: a method to judge endothelial protection during phacoemulsification

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First Author: R.Shah OMAN

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Endothelial protection by viscoelastic is important during Phacoemulsification. It is difficult to judge whether enough viscoelastic is presence during surgery. Stable small air bubble is simple indirect method to know intra-operative endothelial protection.


Al Nahdha Hospital, Muscat, Oman.


Use of Dispersive viscoelastic is well known method of protecting endothelium during Phacoemulsification. During different steps of surgery, viscoelastic coating of endothelium reduces as it is removed with aspiration. It is difficult to know during surgery whether enough viscoelastic coating is present to protect endothelium. We have found small stable air bubble at paracentral area, is good indirect clue of viscoelastic coating of endothelium. When bubble start moving in anterior chamber it is time to supplement viscoelastic to cover endothelium. Technique will be explained by video during presentation.


This bubble technique is good indirect method to judge endothelium protection by viscoelastic during Phacoemulsification. Use of such a simple technique will reduce the risk of damage to endothelium while handling hard cataract by Phacoemulsification.


The bubble technique is simple but effective, indirect method to judge the endothelium protection during Phacoemulsification. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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