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New incision closure technique using a reversed needle pass and the three-throw (1-1-1) adjustable square knot

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First Author: J.Narvaez USA

Co Author(s):    J. Jones   M. Zumwalt   P. Mahdavi        

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To describe an alternative and improved suturing technique for corneal or limbal incisions.


Loma Linda University Department of Ophthalmology


Description and discussion of a new surgery technique.


For a corneal or limbal incision that does not seal despite stromal hydration, it is necessary to place a single radial suture. Traditionally the technique for placing this suture is entering the needle on the corneal side of the limbal incision and exiting towards the scleral side. The suture is then usually tied with a 3-1-1 surgical knot. Here we present an improved suturing technique where the needle path is reversed, entering at the scleral side of the limbal incision and exiting on the corneal side towards the apex, and then tied with an adjustable 1-1-1 knot.


This alternative to the traditional technique gives the advantages of decreased risk of anterior chamber collapse while passing the suture, increased ease of adjusting suture tension, increased efficiency with less throws to make, and a smaller knot that is easier to bury. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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