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Is visual acuity the priority criteria of cataract surgery indication?

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First Author: R.AMAR FRANCE

Co Author(s):    C. ALBOU GANEM              

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Evaluate the impact of functionnal impairements (VF-14 index), ocular scattering index (OSI) and visual acuity (VA) in management and surgery indication for patients with cataract.


Clinique de la Vision, Paris, FRANCE


Best corrected Visual acuity (BCVA), OSI and VF-14 index (a perceived visual function measure) were measured in 76 eyes of 38 patients (23F/15M) who comprised in two groups: Group A with cataract diagnosis (46 eyes) and group B, control group without cataract (30 eyes). Objective OSI index was measured with OQAS (Ocular Quality Analysis System - Visiometrics SL), aberrometer based on the double-pass technique, and VF-14 index (score) was evaluate with the VF-14 questionnary of quality of life based on 18 questions. Distance BCVA decimal values were measured under similar conditions.


BCVA, in the group A and B, was, respectively 0.61+/-0.25 (0.1, 1) vs 1.07 +/- 0.16 (1,1.2). OSI in the group A and B was, respectively, 4.64 +/- 3.54 (0.4 , 13.1) vs 0.73 +/- 0.26 (0.4 , 1). VF-14 index (score) was measured respectively in group A and B, 10.72 +/- 7.14 (1 ,29) vs 1.01 +/- 0.25 (0 , 2). The most important differences measured between the control group B and the group A were respectively VF-14 index (factor of 10.61), OSI (factor of 6.35) and BCVA (factor of 1.75).


VF-14 index and OSI impact were respectively more important than BCVA impact in cataract patients, in comparison with the control group. Management and surgery indication of cataract patients requires global objective and subjective functionnal consideration. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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