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Differences in image optical quality of the eye and retinal sampling limit of resolution between emmetropes and myopes investigated with adaptive optics

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First Author: M.Lombardo ITALY

Co Author(s):    G. Lombardo   D. Schiano Lomoriello   P. Ducoli   S. Serrao     

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To investigate the differences of the high-order ocular wavefront aberration (WA) and the Nyquist limit of resolution of the cone mosaic (Nc) between emmetropes and myopes.


Fondazione G. B. Bietti IRCCS, Rome, Italy.


An adaptive optics retinal camera (rtx1, Imagine Eyes, France) was used to image the cone mosaic in 12 subjects (age 24-38 years, axial length 22.61-26.63 mm). The cone density and Nc were calculated at fixed eccentricity between 260 µm and 600 µm from the foveal center. The ocular high-order WA was measured using a commercial wavefront sensor (OPD scan II, Nidek, Japan). The Coefficient of Variation (CoV) was used to analyze the variation of optical and retinal parameters in the population. Correlation of optical and retinal parameters with AxL was performed using the Pearson analysis.


A high inter-individual variation of the high-order WA was found, ranging from 26% for the corneal high-order aberrations (HOA) to 41% for intraocular HOA. The CoV values of cone density and Nc were 16% and 5% respectively. The decline in cone density and Nc with axial length was statistically significant (R2>0.44, P<0.001) at all retinal eccentricities.


Though there appears to be a random variation in the eye optical WA from subject to subject, the cone packing density and Nc are highly correlated to axial length. The overall image optical quality of the eye is comparable between emmetropes and myopes, nevertheless the spatial sampling of the cone mosaic is reduced with increasing axial length. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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