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3-D representation of relative peripheral refraction across 360ŗ after myopic LASIK surgery

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First Author: A.Queir PORTUGAL

Co Author(s):    J. Jorge   D. Lopes Ferreira   M. Ribeiro   C. Villa Collar   Guti   J. Gonz

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The myopic changes in the RPRE after LASIK Surgery have been documented along the horizontal visual field, but not in other directions around the central treatment zone. The purpose of this study was to characterize the central and peripheral refraction across 360ŗ of the visual field in myopic eyes before and after LASIK Surgery.


Clinical Ophthalmologic NovoVisión, Madrid, Spain.


Twenty-six right eyes (mean age±SD=30.4±4.8 years) of 26 patients who underwent LASIK surgery to treat myopia between –0.75/–3.88D of spherical equivalent (M) were included in the study. Horizontal meridian up to 35ŗ of eccentricity in the nasal and temporal retinal area, vertical meridian up to 15ŗ of eccentricity in the superior and inferior retina and; and oblique directions (45-225ŗ and 135-315ŗ) up to 20ŗ of eccentricity in 5ŗ steps using an open-field autorefractometer before and at least 3 months after LASIK surgery. Results are presented as relative peripheral refractive error (RPRE).


RPRE for M component within the central 30ŗ along the 4 meridians measured was not statistically different from baseline values (p>0.05) demonstrating that the treatment zone warrants a central optimally corrected field of vision. Beyond the 15ŗ limit to each direction (30ŗ of central visual field), M component changed in the myopic direction between -0.23±0.72D at 20ŗ to -1.52±1.06D at 35ŗ in the extremes of the horizontal visual field (p<0.001).


Peripheral refraction is affected by myopic LASIK surgery. Lasik surgery for myopia correction provides a central 30ŗ of well corrected refractive error along horizontal, vertical and oblique angles evaluated in this study. Beyond the central 30ŗ LASIK leaves the visual field myopic compared to the central sharp visual field. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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