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Capsular tension rings

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Co Author(s):    D. NAHRA   M. CASTILLA           

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Many papers show that implantation of a capsular tension ring (CTR) do not modify the intraocular lens (IOL) position in the eye. We observed that many of our cataract operated patients had shown an hiperopic shift, respect to the calculated refraction, when this device has been implanted in a normal cataractous eye. This study is designed to ascertain this tendency.


Hospital de lē Esperanēa - UAB - UPF - BARCELONA - SPAIN


28 cataractous eyes (14 patients) were included in this study. Each patient has been implanted with the CTR and IOL in one eye (CTR group) and in the other eye the IOL has been implanted alone (IOL group). The same CTR (ACPI-11-Corneal) and IOL (Sensar AR40e- Advance Medical Optics) have been implanted in all eyes. All the eyes have been operated by same surgeron (DNS). Axial Length and post operative keratometry and refraction have been measured in all eyes. Actual refraction has been subtracted from the expected refraction. If difference has been positive, then an hiperopic shift has been achieved (backward displacement of IOL) and if negative result has been achieved then there has been a miopic shift (forward displacement of IOL). Intra patients results have been compared with Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test for paired samples. Statistically significance has been established at P =< 0,05.


No patient has less than 0,6 post operative best corrected visual acuity. There were no difference in axial length and keratometry between groups ( P=0,6). There were an hiperopic shift of 0,47 (+ 0,43) d in the CTRs group and of 0,11(+ 0,39) in IOL group. This difference was statistically significant (P=0,033).


This study suggests that when a Sensar IOL and a ACPI- 11 CTR would be implanted together in a normal eye the IOL power calculated should be increased in an average of 0,5 d. More studies should be taken with differents IOLs and CTRs. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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