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Quality of vision and performance after premium IOLs and refractive surgery

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First Author: N.Hauranieh ITALY

Co Author(s):    P. Giaedini              

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To analyze clinical outcomes, near vision acuity, reading speed, functional near and intermediate vision, the presence of photic phenomena and depth of focus in patients implanted with Premium IOLs using a LED-backlit display comparing it to ETDRS charts.


In Our practice we measure the quality of vision in all our refractive patients before and after surgery.


Using this quality of vision measuring system, a control of near and intermediate vision/performance is been done after implantation with monofocal, multifocal, diffractive Premium IOLs, Phakic IOLs and Laser refractive surgery. Using the ETDRS and the LED-backlit display, we examined the uncorrected far visual acuity (UCFVA), best corrected far visual acuity (BCFVA), uncorrected near visual acuity (UCNVA), best corrected near visual acuity (BCNVA), best corrected far near visual acuity (BCFNVA). Reading speed was examined with MNread chart and the LED-backlit display. Near and intermediate performance and photic phenomena simulator tests were performed. Defocus curve generator was also used.


Quality of vision results where presented as a score and after surgery, BCFVA, UCNVA and BCFNVA improved in all patients. Premium IOLs provided high quality uncorrected visual acuity, some of them had better performance at near, some of them for intermediate. The presence of photic phenomena decreased with time and patients could realize this.


Scoring near and intermediate quality of vision and performance using a high tech display and reading charts is demonstrating to be an effective tool in all patients. A new imaging technology to study the quality of vision beside the traditional charts. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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