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Higher order aberrations and amblyopia: comparison of higher order aberration profiles of normal and amblyopic eyes in children with idiopathic amblyopia

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First Author: G.Prakash INDIA

Co Author(s):    A. Mazhari   N. Sharma   R. Saxena        

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To evaluate the higher order aberrations as a possible cause for idiopathic amblyopia.


All India Institute of Medical Sciences


In this cross sectional observational trial, 17 patients of previously diagnosed idiopathic amblyopia underwent wavefront analysis on Zyoptix platform (Bausch and Lomb)


The mean age was 9.2±2.8 years. The higher order aberrations (HOA) were analyzed using stepwise regression analysis to find out the predictive value for each HOA term by all other HOA terms .Maximum difference in the R-squared values between amblyopic and fellow eyes was seen with coma-like and trefoil-like aberrations (third order and fifth order terms). Third order : horizontal coma (R2=0.3 for fellow versus 0.0 amblyopic), vertical trefoil (R2 = 0.8 for fellow versus 0.4 for amblyopic), horizontal trefoil (R2=0.3 for fellow versus 0.8 for amblyopic); Fifth order : secondary vertical coma (R2=0.9 for fellow versus 0.8 for amblyopic), secondary horizontal coma (R2=0.4 for fellow versus 0.5 for amblyopic), and secondary vertical trefoil (R2=0.4 for fellow versus 0.7 for amblyopic), secondary horizontal trefoil (R2=0.6 for fellow versus 0.9 for amblyopic).


It seems a strong possibility that a subset of ‘idiopathic' amblyopia may be associated with loss of symmetry in wavefront patterns of the two eyes. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE?: No

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