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Mplus and Finevision: refractive lens exchange results

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Session Details

Session Title: Refractive Lens Exchange

Session Date/Time: Tuesday 16/09/2014 | 16:30-18:00

Paper Time: 17:18

Venue: Capital Hall A

First Author: : M.Wevill UK

Co Author(s): :    J. Dermott              

Abstract Details


To compare the results of refractive lens exchange with the Mplus and Finevision Intraocular lenses.


Optegra Eye Hospital Birmingham


A retrospective analysis of the results of refractive lens exchange using 43 Mplus and 59 Finevision intraocular lenses. Average age of the patients was 61.6 and 59.3 respectively. Mean preoperative spherical equivalents and corrected distance visual acuities were similar in each group. Patients were selected for multifocal lenses only if in the opinion of the surgeon they were likely to tolerate the visual side effects of the lenses.


The postoperative corrected distance visual acuity was 0.90 (SD 0.2) in the MPlus group and 0.92 (SD0.21) in the Finevision group. The postoperative uncorrected visual acuities 0.83 (SD 0.21) and 0.76 (SD 0.19) respectively, and the corrected distance visual acuities were 1.01 (SD 0.22) and 1.00 (SD 0.17) respectively. The mean postoperative spherical equivalents were 0.02 (SD 0.49) and 0.03 (SD 0.54) respectively. The median postoperative distance corrected near visual acuities were American Point-Type 5 for both. Four Mplus patients and no Finevision patients developed cystoid macular oedema. Significant glare occurred in 2 Mplus patients and 1 Finevision patient.


In similar cohorts of patients the lenses produced very good and similar distance and near visual acuity results.

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