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SBK microkeratome flap properties and comparison with Femto-LASIK flap

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Session Details

Session Title: LASIK Outcomes I

Session Date/Time: Tuesday 16/09/2014 | 14:00-16:00

Paper Time: 14:12

Venue: Boulevard B

First Author: : M.Awadalla EGYPT

Co Author(s): :                  

Abstract Details


To assess the safety, reproducibility and efficacy of the Moria One Use-Plus SBK microkeratome for thin-flap LASIK similar to Femto flaps.


Magrabi Eye Hospital, Cairo, Egypt


It has been evaluated with single use disposable head and femtolasik flaps by the Ilasik machine. The anterior OCT Optovue - RTvue was used to assess central corneal thickness, flap thickness at apex, 3mm and 6 mm from it, the meniscus of the flap and how far from Bowman’s layer. After flap creation, the hinge width and flap diameters were measured.


With 90 disposable SBK head , the diameter of the flap was 9,44 ± 0,22 (9,10-9,80), the stromal ablation was 9,23 ± 0,23 (8,81-9,60), the hinge size was 2,19 ± 1,61 (0,00–4.99) (in mm) and the flap thickness (µ) 91,58 ± 12,58 (62-116).With Femtosecond, the diameter of the flap was 9,27 ± 0,30 (8,79-10,02), the stromal ablation was 9,10 ± 0,28 (8,31-9,79), the hinge size was 2,87 ± 2,75 (0,00-5,77) (in mm) and the flap thickness (µ)105,25 ± 15,51 (71-140).


Moria One Use-Plus SBK for Thin-Flap LASIK is safe and efficiently produces smooth stromal beds and also good quality. This prospective study shows that the Moria One Use-Plus SBK microkeratome can safely, reproducible and reliable achieve SBK (Sub-Bowman's Keratomileusis) flaps as good as Femto flaps but without any Femtosecond technology.

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