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Survey of risk factors of cataract in East China

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Session Details

Session Title: Orbis Free Paper session

Session Date/Time: Monday 15/09/2014 | 11:45-12:45

Paper Time: 11:45

Venue: Capital Suite 14 (Level 3)

First Author: : H.Guan CHINA

Co Author(s): :    M. Yang   R. Zhu           

Abstract Details


To investigate the risk factors of cataract among people aged 50 years and above in East China.




Case-control study. All of 1488 cataract cases were selected from cataract eye database and 1821 controls,who had no visual impairment,were recruited from Funing county, Jiangsu Province, which located in East China. Unconditional logistic regression was used to detect possible risk factors of cataract such as socioeconomic status, lifestyles, history of chronic disease,and history of exposure to sunlight.


The univariate analysis results show that as age increased, the risk of cataract improved. ORs for people aged 60 to 70 years, 70 to 80 years, and over 80 years were 6.88, 87.66, and 416.19 with statistical significance, compared to people aged 60 years and below. Female had 12% high risk of getting cataract. Compared with the illiterate, the ORs of elementary school, junior high school, high school and above were 0.44(P< 0.01), 0.42(P < 0.01) and 0.09(P <0.01).The risk of cataract in farmers, smokers, people with high blood pressure or diabetes were significantly high with OR of 3.13, 1.23, 1.44 and 1.92, respectively. Multiple logistic regression analysis showed that the risk factors on cataract were age (compared age of 50 to 60 years,the OR values of 60 to 70 years,70 to 80 years,more than 80 years were 6.83, 132.39, 868.68,P<0.01), gender(OR=2.29 for females,P<0.01), solar radiation(ORs for 3 to 4 hour exposure, 4 to 6 hour exposure and over 6 hour exposure were 2.88, 5.99 and 13.28 respectively, compared to people with less 3 hour exposure per day), smoking(OR=1.87,P=0.019) and diabetes(OR=1.31,P=0.029). Education was protective factor with ORs of 0.64, 0.41 and 0.31(P<0.01) for elementary school, junior school, high school.


Old people,female,low level of education,smoking,history of diabetes and long exposure to sunlight were risk factors of cataract among elderly people aged 50 years and above in East China.

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