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Comparison of optical quality and intraocular scattering after Femto-LASIK and posterior chamber phakic intraocular lens implantation

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Session Details

Session Title: Posterior chamber Phakic IOLS for correction of Myopia

Session Date/Time: Monday 15/09/2014 | 08:00-10:30

Paper Time: 09:37

Venue: Capital Hall B

First Author: : X.Wang CHINA

Co Author(s): :    F. Chen   X. Zhang   X. Zhou        

Abstract Details


To compare postoperative optical quality and objective intraocular scattering after implantable collamer lenses (ICL) implantation and Femtosecond Laser In Situ Keratomileusis (FS-LASIK) for high myopia


Department of Ophthalmology, Eye and ENT Hospital, Fudan University, Key Laboratory of Health Ministry for myopia, shanghai 200031, china


This observational cross-sectional study contained two groups of 44 patients (age range from 18 to 40y) with myopia between -6D to -12D: 40 eyes of 20 consecutive patients underwent ICL implantation and matched 48 eyes of 24 consecutive patients underwent FS-LASIK. Measurements were performed 1 month after surgery by a double-pass optical quality analysis system (OQASTM, Visiometrics, Spain). We assessed the objective scattering index (OSI), modulation transfer function (MTF) cutoff frequency, Strehl ratio and OQAS values (OVs) at contrasts of 100%, 20% and 9%.


There were no significant differences between the groups in age(p=0.13), intraocular pressure (p=0.09), refraction(p=0.062) or axial length(p=0.08) preoperatively and in UCVA(p=0.059), BSCVA(p=0.18) or sphere refraction(p=0.9) 1 month after surgery except cylinder refraction and safety index between the groups(P<0.05). We also found no significant difference in the MTF cutoff frequency (P=0.095), Strehl ratio (P=0.22), or OVs at contrasts of 100% (P=0.15), 20% (P=0.54), and 9% (P=0.93) between groups, but there is significant difference in OSI (P<0.05).


There was no difference of efficacy between ICL implantation and FS-LASIK For correction for high myopia range from -6D to -12D. But compared to FS-LASIK, ICL implantation is safer while inducing the intraocular scattering increased

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