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Comparison of safety and efficiency in micro coaxial cataract surgery between Centurion and Infiniti Vision System

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Session Details

Session Title: Cat Surgery Equip/Phaco

Session Date/Time: Monday 15/09/2014 | 14:30-16:00

Paper Time: 15:12

Venue: Boulevard F (Level 1)

First Author: : T.Akahoshi JAPAN

Co Author(s): :                  

Abstract Details


To evaluate the safety and efficiency of Centurion Vision System in sub-2mm micro coaxial cataract surgery in comparison with the conventional Infiniti Vision System with modified FMS.


Mitsui Memorial Hospital, Tokyo, Japan


Cataract with grade II nucleus was prechopped into four pieces through a 1.8mm corneal incision and removed by the mixed burst mode of OZil with a 1.1mm square Harmonyx tip and Nano sleeve. Aspiration time, BSS consumption, CDE and total operation time was recorded and analyzed (n=80). To keep sufficient irrigation into the anterior chamber, the PVC tube between the FMS and BSS bottle was replaced to a 5.0mm silicone tube in Infiniti, while original irrigation system was used in Centurion. The aspiration flow rate was most comfortably set at 35ml/min in Infiniti and 50ml/min in Centurion. The vacuum setting was 650+mmHg with bottle height of 149 cm in Infiniti and 700+mmHg with 30 to 110mmHg IOP in Centurion.


The anterior chamber was extremely stable with Centurion and there was no occlusion surge. Aspiration time was 30.9±7.5 sec in Infiniti and 27.9±7.9 sec in Centurion (P=0.01). BSS consumption was 15.6±4.0 cc in Infiniti and 16.8±5.1 cc in Centurion (P=0.06). CDE was 2.96±1.08 in Infiniti and 2.47±0.90 in Centurion (P=0.002). Total operation time was 247.0±36.7 sec in Infiniti and 241.3±37.8 sec in Centurion (P=0.273). Stable anterior chamber was not maintained if the BSS bottle height was reduced in Infiniti, while low pressure surgery at 30mmHg IOP was possible through a 1.8mm incision in Centurion. There was no thermal damage in the incision which was easily self-sealed after IOL implantation.


To maintain the stable anterior chamber in the sub-2mm micro coaxial surgery with Infiniti, modification of the irrigation tube and increased bottle height was mandatory. Even with these modifications, frequent foot pedal control was required in the burst mode. High intraocular pressure created by the high bottle height was another concern. With the new Centurion Vision System, the anterior chamber stability was remarkably improved. At the higher flow rate, the aspiration time as well as the CDE was reduced even with the same power setting of phacoemulsification. Sub-2mm micro coaxial surgery was possible even with the IOP of 30mmHg. For the safe and efficient micro coaxial cataract surgery, Centurion is superior to Infiniti Vision System.

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