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Sub-basal nerve fiber changes after the flapless femtosecond refractive procedure SMILE versus femtosecond LASIK: 12 month results

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Session Details

Session Title: SMILE for Myopia I

Session Date/Time: Sunday 14/09/2014 | 08:00-09:30

Paper Time: 08:48

Venue: Capital Hall B

First Author: : A.Solomatin LATVIA

Co Author(s): :    I. Solomatin   J. Gertnere   M. Solomatin        

Abstract Details


Purpose of this study was to compare corneal subbasal nerve morphology and density after femtosecond LASIK and small-incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) in 12 month post-op.


Dr. Solomatin “Eye center” Riga, Latvia.


Two groups of myopic patients were selected for this investigation: 20 (40 eyes) for SMILE procedure and 20 patients (40 eyes) for LASIK. SMILE procedure was performed using the 500 kHz femtosecond laser Visumax only and Femto –LASIK procedure was performed with the same femtosecond laser and eximer laser MEL 80(Carl Zeiss Meditec). We recently examined the changes in trigeminal nerve density by studying the nerve structure under a confocal specular microscope Nidek Confoscan 4 preop and in 1 month, 6 months and 12 months postop.


Comparing preoperative and postoperative results, the mean reduction of subbasal nerve fiber density after 1 month post-op was 18.34±5.41 in the Lasik group and 16.89±6.2 (p<0,05) in the SMILE group. After 6 months the mean reduction of subbasal nerve density in Lasik group was 15.48±6.37 and 11.87±8.4 in SMILE group (p<0.05). In 1 year post-op, the mean reduction of nerve fibers in Lasik group was 10.83±7.21 and 6.03±5.44 in SMILE group (p<0.05).


Comparing the results from this two groups of patients, we were able to show that, although both surgical techniques cause density decrease, small incision lenticule extraction has the potential to preserve trigeminal nerve density better than Lasik.

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