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VSY Biotechnology

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VSY Biotechnology is one of the most innovative manufacturers in cataract segment of ophthalmology. Each year the company adds on value-added products into its portfolio. The combination of target driven R&D projects with strict quality assurance policy enables VSY Biotechnology to deliver cutting-edge IOLs and OVDs for cataract surgery.
Acriva Monofocal
Acriva Reviol Multifocal
Acriva Toric
Acriva Reviol Multifocal Toric
Trifocal Toric
Acriva HAF Scleral Fixation
Protectalon Sodium Hyaluronate
Protectacel HPMC
Acrijet Green Cartridge and Injector System

Intraocular Lens, OVDs, Cartridge and Injector

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VRmagic GmbH

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Company contacts: VRmagic GmbH
Turley-Straße 20
D-68167 Mannheim

Phone +49 621 400 416-0
Fax +49 621 400 416-99

The German-based company VRmagic is the leading provider of virtual reality simulators for training in ophthalmology. The high-fidelity technology developed by VRmagic ensures an immersive simulation experience and life-like learning environment – making it possible for trainees to effectively gain medical experience without stress on patients and independently of hospital routine. Available simulators from VRmagic are Eyesi® Surgical for intraocular surgery training, and Eyesi® Direct and Eyesi® Indirect Ophthalmoscope for training of retinal examinations and diagnostic skills. All training systems provide an embedded curriculum and tools for evidence-based skills assessment.

Eyesi Surgical Simulator, Eyesi Ophthalmoscope Simulator, Training Simulators, Education

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Company contacts: Telf: (0034) 868 954 817
Address: Edificio CEEIM. Campus Universitario de Espinardo, 30100 Murcia, Spain

VAO ®. Visual Adaptive Optics simulator.

VAO is a unique instrument for full vision assessment and customization of premium optical solutions.

With VAO patients can see through their new solution before it is implemented via multifocal intraocular lenses or refractive surgery in order to optimize the visual results.

Visual Adaptive Optics simulator (VAO). Diagnosis device. Class 2a

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No product(s)/service information available

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Vitreq BV

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Company contacts: Vitreq B.V.
Seggelant-Noord 2
3237 MG Vierpolders
The Netherlands
T. +31-181-745090

Disposable and reusable Micro Forceps and scissors for VR surgery, Backflush instruments, Retractable Tissue Manipulators, Directional Laser Probes, Directional and Illuminated Laser Probes, Light fibers, Surgical liquids for anterior segment - Treq Blue - and posterior segment - Silicon Oils and PFCL, disposable vitrectomy lenses, disposable vitreoretinal specialties including VFI cannulas, scleral depressors, ultra clean air systems for surgery - Operio and Toul Meditech

Instruments, Laser probes, Surgical liquids, Light fibers, Backflush, Cannulas

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Visunex Medical Systems

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Company contacts: 46824 Lakeview Boulevard,
Fremont, CA 94538 USA

Phone: 1.510.248.4216

PanoCam® LT
PanoCam® Pro

Imaging Device, Wide-field Imaging

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VISUfarma BV

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Company contacts: VISUfarma BV
Rembrandt Tower,11th floor | Amstelplein 1 | 1096 HA Amsterdam | The Netherlands
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VISUfarma is a pan European ophthalmic pharmaceutical company with a clear mission: to bring high quality products and global therapeutic innovation to European Eye Health. We are an ambitious and fast growing opthalmology player, commercialising a broad portfolio of pharmaceutical products and medical devices across Europe and in 20+ countries worldwide trough exclusive distributors. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam and was formed by successfully merging the Italian opthalmology company VISUfarma SpA, and the French European opthalmology company NiCox Pharma.

Dry eye disease, glaucoma, eyelid care, food supplements

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Vision Share

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Company contacts: Vision Share, Inc.
111 N Wabash
Suite 1300
Chicago, IL 60602

International Number: +1 312 343 5361

US Number: 1-888-657-4448 • US Fax: 1-888-657-4410

Vision Share's network of eye banks provide the opportunity to meet local, national and international eye tissue needs for tissue recovery and sight restoration. Additionally, as an industry leader, Vision Share provides expertise, knowledge and education for the purpose of improving the eye banking and Ophthalmologic industries.

Eye Bank, Cornea Transplant, Cornea Tissue

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Company contacts: Visiometrics, S.L.
c/ Argenters 8, Edifici nº 3
Parc Tecnològic del Valès
08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès
Barcelona (Spain)
+34 935 824 509

Based on the double-pass technique, OQAS HD Analyzer measures: O.S.I. (Objective Scatter Index), Optical Quality: Real PSF and MTF Accommodation Tear Film break-up time.

Cataract, Dry-Eye, Refractive Surgery, Optical Quality, DLS-Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome,Tear Film,Screening,OSI,OQAS

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VectorVision/Ceatus Media

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VectorVision will display the CSV-1000 vision testing instrument, the global benchmark for standardized contrast sensitivity, glare and ETDRS testing. The CSV-1000 is widely used for clinical trials, disease evaluation and cataract documentation. Also exhibiting will be Ceatus Media Group, the worldwide leader in digital marketing for premium eye care practices. Ceatus offers unparalleled services for website design, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media and reputation management. Dr David Evans and his staff will be available in the booth to demonstrate the CSV-1000 for VectorVision, and to offer an evaluation for your practice website, online reputation and overall digital footprint.

Diagnostic Equipment / Internet Marketing