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Avellino Labs

Website address:

Company contacts: Avellino Labs
1505 Adams Drive, Suite B2
Menlo Park, CA 94025

+1 (650) 396-3741

Avellino Labs is pioneering personalized medicine for eye care. The Universal DNA Test™ is the world's first and only commercially available DNA test that can detect the genetic mutations responsible for five TGFBI-linked corneal dystrophies. Clinicians can definitively diagnose patients and screen laser vision correction candidates prior to surgery.

In May 2017, the company launched a genetic screening test for keratoconus in South Korea, and plans to launch similar tests in Japan, China, and the US in the near future. Additionally, the company continues to lead the world in the development of gene editing for corneal dystrophies.

DNA Test for Corneal Health

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Avedro, Inc

Website address:

Company contacts: Avedro, Inc.
201 Jones Road
Waltham, MA 02451
+1 (781) 768-3400

Avedro is a privately held pharmaceutical and medical device company advancing the science and technology of corneal cross-linking and refractive correction.

For more information, please visit our website:

Cornea, Refractive Surgery, Cross-Linking, Pharmaceutical, Device

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Website address:

Company contacts: NO.1,SIVAGANGAI
PH.NO: 91 452 3096100.

Aurolab, based in southern part of India, is an integral part of the Aravind Eye Care System. It manufactures a wide range of high quality ophthalmic consumables such as intraocular lenses, surgical sutures, pharmaceutical products, surgical blades and equipments.


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AST Products, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: AST Products, Inc.
9 Linnell Circle
Billerica, MA 01821 USA
(978) 667-4500

AST Products, Inc. (U.S.A.) manufactures a range of ophthalmic surgical products used by physicians to treat patients with cataracts. These products include the glistening-free and 360°-square-edge Asqelio™ soft hydrophobic intraocular lens and the premier delivery device, the lioli™ IOL Delivery System, which was designed for the implantation of a single-piece foldable intraocular lens into the human eye through a surgical procedure. The device's IOL-loading cartridge is pretreated with our innovative LubriMATRIX™ technology that offers a safe, simple and effective lens delivery.

Intraocular Lens, Intraocular Injector

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Website address:

Company contacts: ASICO LLC
PHONE: 1-630-986-8032
FAX: 1-630-986-0065

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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Website address:

Company contacts: ASCRS/EyeWorld
4000 Legato Road, Suite 700
Fairfax, VA 22033 USA
Phone: 703-591-2220

ASCRSMedia/EyeWorld: As the news and feature magazine of the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery, EyeWorld serves as the premier publication for anterior segment surgeons. The magazine provides comprehensive ophthalmic news and the latest clinical information in the areas of cornea, glaucoma, cataract, and refractive surgery, as well as periodic updates on retinal issues. Each article is carefully reviewed by the editorial staff, the article's sources, and the medical editors before its publication. EyeWorld Meeting Reporter/Video Reporter is taped live, onsite, sharing information on the latest cutting edge techniques and products in the ophthalmic industry.

Cataract, Refractive, Cornea, surgical video, magazine

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Website address:

Company contacts:
tel +33561405235

Because you and your patient deserve it,

Arcadophta is offering extended safety features for a reinforced confidence in its products:

- All PFCL lots are tested using state of the art (IOBA) toxicity tests on retinal cells (ganglionic and ARPE cells) as part of the lot release process.
- Silicon oil is treated to eliminate small polymers and reduce emulsification risks
- We purify trypan blue to offer a better tolerance .
- we propose a single use gas technology for reliable mix ;
- and a protective HPMC solution, for cornea during surger

pfcl, silicon oil,gas,trypan blue, hpmc

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APX Ophthalmology LTD

Website address:

Company contacts: Elie Eliachar +972-54-4542549



Office Tel +972-4-8337250

Mailing address
APX Ophthalmology Ltd.
25 Yefe Nof Haifa 3437113

APX Ophthalmology Ltd. is a privately held company that manufactures and sells a novel pupil Expander to provide surgeons with effective pupil dilation, comfortable surgical performance and a high safety profile, in eyes with small pupils or floppy iris (IFIS).
The APX technology has created a safe, easy-to-use device, requiring minimal insertion and removal time, and does not impede surgical instruments within the surgical field.

No product(s)/service information available

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Website address:

PHONE: +91 44 30101401

Appasamy Associates is a global leader in delivering world's best Ophthalmology Products. Our ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality wide range of Ophthalmology products that are most accurate and very reliable.

Slitlamps (LED & Halogen Illumination)
Digital Imaging Systems
Fundus Camera
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
Autorefractor & Keratometer
Auto Lensmeter
LED HD Visual Acuity Charts
Chart Projectors
Refractor Head
Indirect Ophthalmoscope
Applanation Tonometer
Ultrasound Scanner (A & B SCAN)
Operating Microscopes
Phaco Emulsification Systems
Mobile Operating Table
Yag Laser
Green Laser
Intra Ocular Lens (Hydrophilic & Preloaded Hydrophobic)
Ophthalmic Visco Elastic Devices
Micro Surgical Instruments & Knives


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Website address:

Company contacts: APACRS Secretariat Office
c/o SNEC, 11 Third Hospital Avenue
Singapore 168751
Tel: +65 63227468 Website: : Email:

The APACRS is a leading organization representing cataract and refractive surgeons in the Asia-Pacific. It is a forum for regional interaction working in close partnership with regional and international cataract and refractive surgery societies in providing high quality ophthalmic education.

Cataract, IOLs, Refractive Surgery, LASIK, Phaco, Femto, EyeWorld Asia Pacific

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Amidia LTD., Switzerland

Website address:

Company contacts: Amidia LTD
Thomas Meyer

Nano diamond knives.

Diamond knives

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American Academy of Ophthalmology

Website address:

Company contacts: American Academy of Ophthalmology
655 Beach Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

The American Academy of Ophthalmology is a global community of eye physicians and surgeons who are dedicated to achieving the highest standard of patient care. As the leader in ophthalmic education, we offer a wealth of innovative resources, such as the ONE® Network, EyeWiki® and EyeSmart® public education website. Join us for AAO 2017 in New Orleans, Nov. 11-14.

Education/Training Materials, Patient Education Information, Publications, Video

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Alsanza Medizintechnik und Pharma GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts:

Alsanza is the manufacturer of innovative and high quality premium intraocular lenses. Besides monofocal IOLs, the company offers multifocal and trifocal solutions for a good vision at all distances. In addition to distance related solutions, Alsanza also developed toric IOL's for the correction of astigmatism. The company also present as the manufacturer of high quality sodium hyaluronate, balanced salt solution and single use injector cartridge systems.
Alsiol Monofocal
Alsafit Monofocal
Alsiol 3D VF Bifocal
Alsafit Trifocal VF
Alsafit Toric VF
Alsavisc Sodium Hyaluronate
Alsacell HPMC

Intraocular Lenses, OVDs, Sodium Hyaluronate, HPMC, BSS, Cartridge and Injector

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Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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Alfa Intes S.R.L.

Website address:

Via Fratelli Bandiera 26, 80026 Casoria (NA)- Italy
Tel. +39 081.584.60.60
Fax. +39 081.584.25.26

Alfa Intes is one of the Italian leading groups committed in the manufacturing and marketing of eye health products ranging from ophtalmic pharmaceuticals and medical devices to nutraceuticals. Alfa Intes represents a consolidated reality within the Italian market with more than 60 years of experience driven by the same ambition: becoming the unique point of reference for every user in the ophtalmological market. Recently Alfa Intes is expanding is network pointing on the exporting of the products belonging to its portfolio.
Our goal is pointing to the future by providing innovative products within the highest quality standards required always at the service of our final customers.

Manufacturing and marketing of ophtalmic pharmaceuticals, medical devices and nutraceuticals

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Alfa Instruments

Website address:

Company contacts: Alfa Instruments Srl,
Via F.lli Bandiera NCC 80026, Casoria (Naples) – Italy
Tel. +39 081.584.82.87
Fax. +39 081.584.76.49

Alfa Instruments is one of the partners of Alfa Intes Group and It was founded in 2005 with the purpose to provide High Diagnostic and Surgical Equipment for Ophthalmology. The company has had an exponential growth, in fact it has immediately become leader of the High Tech Instruments also thanks to the exclusive distribution of important brands throughout the national territory. The company recently introduced in its portfolio an innovative line of intraocular dyes for vitreoretinal surgery classified as medical devices and distributed in many countries in the world.

Intraocular dyes for vitreoretinal surgery

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Alcon Management SA

Website address:

Company contacts:


No product(s)/service information available

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Albomed GmbH Germany

Website address:

Company contacts: Albomed GmbH
Hildebrandstrasse 11
90592 Schwarzenbruck

ALBOMED® GmbH is one of the leading and most innovative companies in medical technology in Germany. For more then 20 years ALBOMED® has been a market leader in developing and producing medical products for the ophthalmology.
The company's core competence is the development and production of viscoelastic substances. Our portfolio is completed by injectors, sterile one-time items such as cannulas and syringes, and additional accessories.

Viscoelastic substances and medical irrigation solutions

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Albert Heiss GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: Albert Heiss GmbH & Co. KG
Stockacher Str. 138
D-78532 Tuttlingen / GERMANY

German craftsmanship – worldwide service.
More than 90 years of excellence in German workmanship. Albert Heiss is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality surgical instruments in the field of ophthalmology. All products are made in Germany. We offer complete range of more than 1400 reusable instruments in Stainless Steel and Titanium. We are not only fast and accurate but also very reliable. We supply top-quality instruments that meet our rigid quality standards according to ISO 13485. This guarantees that our products will last for years in daily us

Surgical Eye Instruments and Accessories

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AL.CHI.MI.A. S.r.l.

Website address:

Company contacts:
Tel. 0039 049 8962074
Fax 0039 049 8962071

AL.CHI.MI.A. S.r.l. is a leading European manufacturer of medical devices. Currently, we carry two product lines: Ophthalmic Surgery and Human Tissue Processing (HTP ). Products for Ophthalmic Surgery include intraoperative and long-term endotamponades for vitreoretinal surgery, dyes to visualize tissues to be extirpated during cataract and vitreoretinal surgical procedures, and an ophthalmic gel to be used to protect the corneal surface during ophthalmic surgeries, and in ophthalmology. The HTP line offers products to process human tissues and cells intended for transplantation, and includes decontamination, storage, and transport solutions, and a device for antibiotic removal, before performing the sterility tests.

Medical devices for cataract and vitreoretinal surgery

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Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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AKRUS GmbH & Co KG Germany

Website address:

Company contacts: phone +49 4121 791930

Akrus medical technologies, founded in 1946, is now looking back on many decades as a suc-cessful manufacturer of medical devices.

Our surgical chairs and doctor stools are state of the art in design and functionalities and offer unsurpassed ergonomic features to both, patients and medical staff.

The positioning possibilities of the patients head allows the surgeon to assume an effortless and fatigue free upright posture even through extended procedures, thus preventing any stress to the spine due to improper ergonomic seating positions. Hence, no more back pain.

The right surgical chair just makes you feel better.

surgical chairs, doctors stools

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Website address:

Company contacts: AJL OPHTHALMIC, SA
Parque Tecnológico de Álava
C/ Ferdinand Zeppelin, 1
01510 Miñano

Company information not available


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Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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Aeon Astron Europe B.V.

Website address:

Company contacts: Aeon Astron Europe B.V.
J.H. Oortweg 19, 2333CH Leiden, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 71 332 2280

Aeon Astron Europe B.V.
Aeon Astron Europe B.V, is an innovative Biotechnology company dedicated to marketing innovative medical devices. The company has several R&D programs in biomaterials and regenerative medicine for ophthalmology indications. These devices include ologen® Collagen Matrix, BioCornea, and BioLens, which are designed for eye tissue repair and vision improvement.
J.H. Oortweg 19
Leiden, 2333 CH
T: +31 6 22367 929

glaucoma, collagen, tissue repair, eye surgery, scar prevention

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Website address:

Company contacts: Website:
Contact email:

Via San Marco 9/H
35129 Padova (Italy)
ph. +39 049 773 968
fax +39 049 097 0901

Adaptica was founded in 2009 as a spin-off of the University of Padova, Italy specialising in adaptive optics and optoelectronics applied to Industry and astronomical research.

Adaptica leverages on its technological know-how and competences in astronomy to move from a better vision of the universe and its galaxies towards exploring vision and the human eye.

Adaptica soon expanded into health-care, with a particular focus on vision and eye-care. It develops and manufactures smart, mobile, easy to use diagnostic pieces of equipment that are currently distributed in over 40 countries worldwide.

Binocular Mobile Refractometer, Wearable Wireless Adaptive Refractor

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AcuFocus, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: Matt Larson - Global Commercial Director, EMEA and APAC

AcuFocus, Inc., is a privately held ophthalmic medical device company that develops breakthrough technologies for the improvement of vision. The company's proven, proprietary technology platform uses a small aperture – or pinhole – effect to allow only focused light rays to reach the retina and bring objects into focus. The IC-8™ IOL is designed to provide a continuous and uninterrupted range of vision from near to far. The IOL is CE-marked and currently available in select markets. The KAMRA inlay helps presbyopic patients restore their near vision while maintaining their distance vision.

EDOF IOL, Corneal Inlay

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Website address:

Company contacts:

Titannium Ophthalmic Instruments; Disposable Ophthalmic Instruments; Slit lamp; Surgical Lens; Adapters for slit lamp and surgery microscope;

Ophthalmic Instruments; Slit Lamp; Adapters

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Aaren Scientific, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: Aaren Scientific, Ins.
1040 S. Vintage Ave
Ontario, Califiornia, 91761

Aaren Scientific manufactures, designs and markets high quality Intraocular Lenses in the USA since 1990.

Intraocular Lens, Injection systems

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a1 medical GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: MR Nazim Özbek, Vice President
Tel.: 0049-7732-97827922
Mobile.: 0049-175-6926163

a1 medical GmbH
- Finest surgical Instruments
- Sterilization equipment
- Unique Products
- New developments

Surgical Instruments, Sterilization Equipment, Unique Products for Ophthalmology

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A.R.C. Laser GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: Bessemerstr. 14
90411 Nürnberg
Phone: +49 911 21 779 0

Cataract Nano Laser: CETUS
Photodisruptor: Q-LAS
Photocoagulator: CLASSIC
Endo-Cyclocoagulator: FOX
Nd:YAG Laser: Q-LAS
Diode Laser: FOX

Lasers, slitlamps, cataract surgery, laserphaco, photocoagulator, cyclo-photocoagulator