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SMILE post SMILE: a new approach to correction of residual myopia

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First Author: O.Pisarevskaya RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    T. Iureva   A. Shchuko   T. Frolova   L. Khlebnikova   V. Bukina        

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To develop a new method for correcting residual myopia after Smile surgery and to assess the functional effect of surgical intervention.


S. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution, Irkutsk, Russia


Patients with residual myopia after Smile were included in study. Depending on method of additional correction, patients were divided into three groups. 1st - included two patients operated by PRK. 2nd group - 2 people operated by Circle. 3rd group - two people operated by original Smile post Smile technology. This technology is based on use of previously formed during Smile interface as anterior surface of lenticle. First, posterior surface of lenticula was formed, then marginal dissection, after which laser work was interrupted by surgeon. Through previously formed access, mechanical separation of lenticle and its subsequent removal were performed.


On first day after operation, monocular uncorrected distance visual acuity after Smile post Smile was 4 letters more than after Circle. Good refraction and high visual acuity were achieved in patients of all groups in three months after surgery. Parameters of corneal hysteresis, which decreased in first day in all three groups, changed in month towards biomechanical corneal properties increase, and in three months they reached an average of 8.76 and 8.83, respectively. Refractive corneal power after Smile post Smile had a regular character, good topographic homogeneity.


The clinical results of Smile post Smile surgery indicate that the proposed technology for correcting residual myopia is highly effective, safe, and painless.

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