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Combined ex-vivo femto laser-assisted (FLA) intracorneal ring segment xenografts (ICRSX), and CXL: a novel technique

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First Author: I.Kontari GREECE

Co Author(s):    A. Kanellopoulos                    

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Evaluate ex-vivo the efficacy and feasibility of a new technique.

Setting: Clinical and Research Eye Institute, Athens, Greece


Eight human donor corneas were subjected to femto-assisted ICRSX (350um thick, 100um wide, 7mm arc diameter and 135�Â�° arc at 90% depth, prepared from gamma-radiated porcine corneas) combined with transepithelial CXL. Placido-based Topographic, Scheimpflug-tomographic and OCT evaluation was performed.


In mean values: 7.5 diopters (D) flattening in topography and 6,5 in tomography mapping. OCT evaluation of ICRSX placement depth and centration.


Porcine corneas have long been used as xenografts in cardiac surgery. ICRSX may become an alternative for myopia and/or keratoconus management.

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