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Comparison of three optical biometers

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First Author: A.Grzybowski POLAND

Co Author(s):    M. Gaca-Wysocka   K. Kozlik-Nowakowska                 

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To compare the results of biometry by three different devices, includingTopcon Aladdin, Lenstar LS 900 i Zeiss IOL-Master 700.


Dept. of Ophthalmology, ul. Szwajcarska 3, 61-285 Poznan, Poland


Inclusion and Exclusion criteria: The sample consisted of 15 patients of both sexes, all emmetropic or with a refractive error of � 5.0 DSph and corneal astigmatism of � 2.0 Dsph with cataract changes. Each patient was examined using at least 2 optical biometers. We used the following Topcon Aladdin, Lenstar LS 900 i Zeiss IOL-Master 700. All measurements were done in a single day, in the same light conditions, before mydriatics were applied.


The average age was 71 � 3.5 years. Axial length measurement was equal in 73,3%, which equated to the same IOL power results. In 80% the differences in IOL power calculations were dismissible (within � 0.25 DSph). In 4 cases (26%) choosing the IOL power suggested by Lenstar (SRK/T formula) would result in a significant refractive error, in case of IOL-Master (SRKT formula) such deviation occurred only once (6,6%).


In majority of axial length measurements three devices delievered similar results, although the least number of deviations in IOL power calculations based on the same formula was presented by IOL-Master 700.

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