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Visual outcomes of transepithelial photorefractive keratectomy in forme-fruste keratoconus: 18 month follow-up

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First Author: S.Adib-Moghaddam IRAN

Co Author(s):    S. Soleyman-Jahi   G. Tefagh   S. Tofighi              

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To assess both quantitative and qualitative visual outcomes of Transepithelial Photorefractive Keratectomy (TransPRK) in myopic eyes with forme-fruste keratoconus (FFKC).


Bina Eye Hospital, Tehran, Iran, from July 2013 to November 2016


Thirty nine myopic eyes with FFCK, were recruited in a prospective interventional case-series. All of the eyes underwent one-step refined TransPRK by the same refractive surgeon (S.A.M.) using SCHWIND AMARIS 500 laser. Mean age of the patients was 27.31�Â�±3.01, 27 eyes (69.23%) belonged to female and 12 eyes (30.77%) belonged to male patients. Patients were followed for 18 months. Uncorrected and corrected distance visual acuities (UDVA, CDVA), refraction, contrast sensitivity (CS) and spherical, coma and trefoil higher order aberration (HOA)s were assessed before and after the operation.


Preoperatively, spherical equivalent, astigmatism, logMAR UDVA and CDVA were -4.62�Â�±2.37, -1.10�Â�±1.21, 0.78�Â�±0.24 and -0.04�Â�±0.06, respectively; by 18 months follow up they improved to 0.06�Â�±0.16, 0.05�Â�±0.14, -0.03�Â�±0.17 and -0.02�Â�±0.14, respectively (P < 0.001 for all). Target�Â�±0.5 D predictability for spherical equivalent was 92.31%. Photopic CS improved (P = 0.03) and no significant change was observed for mesopic CS (P=0.49). Ocular wave-front spherical and coma HOAs improved (P=0.04 for both). Corneal wave-front coma, trefoil, spherical, and tetrafoil HOAs did not show significant changes. No eye lost two or more lines of preoperative CDVA.


Our data demonstrated promising long-term efficacy and safety of refined TransPRK in correction of myopia eyes with FFCK.

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