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The case of corneal epithelium abruption after LASEK caused by trauma

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First Author: N.Kachuriak UKRAINE

Co Author(s):    I. Kaplin   N. Polunina                 

Abstract Details


To present a rare case of traumatic epithelium abruption following after uncomplicated LASEK surgery. To display the treatment for this situation.


Kiev Center of therapy and eye microsurgery, Kiev, Ukraine


A 39-year-old, male with mild myopia and astigmatism. Both eyes were underwent LASEK.Procedure and recovery proceeded uneventful. In two weeks the patient returned describing pain and blurred vision in his left eye after removing eye foreign body by himself and applying steroid drops. Corneal epithelium exfoliated by creating a large single cyst on the corneal surface. We removed the detached epithelium layer, put on a bandage contact lens for 4 days and prescribed antibiotic eye drops,lubricants ( drops and gel). Taping the steroid drops was stopped. 4 days later, after removing the contact lens, we added steroid eye drops QID.


One month later UCVA ( Uncorrected Visual Acuity) was 1.0 (20/20) in the intact right eye, cornea was clear and in the previously injured left eye UCVA was 0.8 (20/25) due to mild corneal haze.Three month later the cornea of the left eye was clear, the patient was delighted with the outcome and UCVA was 20/20 in the both eyes.


This case shows that LASEK is a safe and effective procedure with good visual outcomes and high patient satisfaction despite the eye injury occurred in an early postoperative period.

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