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Special aspects of planning small incision lenticule extraction (ReLEx SMILE) for patients with low myopia: short-term outcomes

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First Author: E.Eskina RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    K. Davtyan                    

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To define special aspects of planning ReLEx SMILE for low myopia which would minimise the risk of further complications within and post operation period. To determine the safety, efficacy, and predictability of small-incision lenticule extraction at 6-month follow-up for patients with low myopia. RelEx SMILE as a method of vision correction in refractive surgery becomes more and more popular. ReLEx SMILE for patient with low myopia has many details, which should be taken into account by the surgeon while planning the procedure.


Laser surgery clinic SPHERE, Moscow, Russia


25 patients with low myopia (50 eyes)with a men age of26�Â�±6 were included in the analysis. The surgeries were performed by a one surgeon and patients were operated using ReLEx Smile on VisuMax femtosecond laser. Refraction in analysed group was: preoperative spherical equivalent (SE) from -3.25 to -1,0 D. BCVA was 0,98�Â�±0,06, pachymetry from 486 to 617 mkm, planned residual stromal thickness from 307 to 410 mkm, cap thickness from 110 to 120 mkm, diameter of cap from 7,5 to 8,2 mm, average OZ 6,7 mm,lenticular thickness from 56 to 90 mkm. Results were analysed 6 months postop.


The average SE after the operation was -0,04 D (from -0,5 to 0,0 ). 100% of patients had UCVA 0,9 and higher. After 6 month follow-up, no eyes showed loss of 2 or more , only 1 eye (less than 1%) lost 1 line of the BCVA, 6% gained 1 and more lines. No significant intraoperative and postoperative complications occurred. No vacuum loss, no lenticular fragmentation, no incomplete lenticule removal.


Our outcomes showed that appropriate planning ReLEx SMILE for patient with low myopia minimise the risk of complications which associated with thin lenticule. Correct choosing of ReLEx SMILE parameters allowed us to avoid difficulty extract of lenticule, lenticular fragmentation, incomplete lenticule removal. We have got predictable refractive results, fast and safe visual recovery for patient with low myopia.

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