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Custom ablations on irregular corneas

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First Author: M.Bohac CROATIA

Co Author(s):    N. Gabric   M. Anticic   M. Koncarevic   A. Pasalic   A. Dukic        

Abstract Details


To report efficacy and safety of custom excimer laser ablations in highly irregular corneas.


Specialty Eye Hospital 'Svjetlost', Zagreb, Croatia,School of MedicineUniversity of Rijeka, Croatia


Case series of 32 eyes that underwent either corneal or ocular wavefront excimer laser ablation. Corneal irregularities were caused by previous corneal refractive surgery(15 eyes), primary keratoconus(9 eyes), herpetic keratitis(4 eyes) and trauma(4 eyes). In majority of refractive surgery complications were flap was intact relift was performed;while in cases of irregular flap, iatrogenic ectasia, keratoconus, herpetic keratitis and trauma transPRK was performed. All ablations were performed on Schwind Amaris 750S excimer laser. Ablation type was chosen depending on the ablation profile and amount of tissue needed to perform the ablation. Ectatic disorders were treated in combination with same session CXL.


In all eyes significant improvement in corneal regularity, together with gain in corrected distance visual acuity (CDVA) and significant decrease in visual disturbances were observed. Average gain in CDVA was 3 lines (range 2-6 lines). Mean postoperative SE was �,37�Â�±0,21D (range -1,25 to �,50D). In first cases hyperopic shift was observed which led to nomogram adjustment. The least predictable results were observed in central steep islands.


Improvement in understanding of ablation customization together with improvement in excimer laser software led to significant improvement in refractive predictability of custom ablations

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