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The role of multifocal IOL choice in refractive lens replacement

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First Author: O.Chuiko UKRAINE

Co Author(s):    P. George   M. Tetyana   K. Andrew   C. Oleksii           

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To study the quality of life of patients after implanting of multifocal IOLs with different range of focus length at medium distance.


Parkhomenko G.Y., Manoylo T.V., Kovalenko A.V., Chuiko O.L., Noviy zir, Dnipro, Ukraine


We implanted multifocal IOL Restor to 54 patients (108 eyes) �â�€�“ 1st group, Panoptix IOL to 48 patients (96 eyes) �â�€�“ 2nd group, diagnosed with presbyopia. The quality of life was evaluated using the 36-Item Short Form Survey. Most of the indicators were reduced in the following categories: 'social functioning' 1st group - 49.81 �Â�± 10.54, 2nd group - 49.65 �Â�± 10.84, 'role limitations due to emotional problems' �â�€�“ 1st group - 51.10 �Â�± 10.38, 2nd group - 51.55 �Â�± 10.48 and 'mental health' in the 1st group - 51.47 �Â�± 12.30, in the 2nd group - 51.35 �Â�± 12.17.


In 8 months after IOL implantation, the quality of life indicators in the categories of 'social functioning' in group 1 were 49.88 �Â�± 9.13, in the 2nd group - 51.99 �Â�± 9.09, 'role limitations due to emotional problems' in 1st group - 57,32 �Â�± 7,15, in the 2nd group - 59,48 �Â�± 7,15 and 'mental health' in the 1st group - 52,32 �Â�± 6,17, in the 2nd group - 55,88 �Â�± 6,45.


Improving the quality of life of patients in the categories 'social functioning', 'role limitations due to emotional problems', 'mental health' in group 2 (with implanted Panoptix IOL) was reliably established.

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