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How not to load a multifocal lens implant

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First Author: B.Ilango UK

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Preloaded lens implants (IOL) are on the increase. However, still IOLs in low/high diopters, certain premium lens implants need to be loaded manually into the injectors. IOL forceps touch impressions are rare. This study has been carried out to identify if they have any adverse effects on visual function


Optimax Clinics, UK and Royal Wolverhampton NHS Hospitals, England


Out of 970 patients, 12 patients were identified to have forceps marks; all these patients had refractive lens exchange with premium IOLs by a single surgeon at the same centre over a 12 month period. 11 patients had bilateral surgery with IOL touch in the 1st eye so other eyes were used as controls to compare vision and symptoms. Glare symptoms were divided into 3 grades (grade 1 �â�€�“ mild glare, grade 2 �â�€�“ moderate glare affecting night driving but bearable, grade 3 �â�€�“ unbearable glare)


Average age was 53 5 patients were female. 4 patients had forceps marks on the centre of optic. 10 patients had Fine Vision Trifocal and rest AMO Symfony multifocals. 11 patients were asymptommatic but 1 patient noticed temporal crescentPreoperative spherical equivalent refraction ranged from -1.75 to �.75 (mean 1.32 SD 1.33) and pre operative best corrective visual acuity 0.5 to 0.0 LogMar (Mean 0.1 SD 0.16)


Post operative refraction was 0.03 (SD 0.19) with range -0.25 to plano (sperical equivalent) and mean post operative visual acuity was 0.15 (SD 0.11). 66.7 % (8/12) had visual acuity post operatively of 0.2 LogMar or better 33.3% (3/12) had post operative visual acuity of 0.3 LogMarIOL Optic marks due to forceps do not appear to adversley affect visual outcome. However, clinical staff mis-inform such patients that they had a �â�€�œfaulty IOL inserted. This study is intended to improve awareness among optometrists and ophthalmic trainees. Premium lens implants are expensive and forceps touch mark doesn�â�€�™t warrant their explantation

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