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Clinical results of extended-depth-of-focus multifocal IOL implantation in Asian eyes

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First Author: H.Tchah SOUTH KOREA

Co Author(s):    Y. Park   H. Kim   C. Lee   J. Lee   J. Kim   M. Kim     

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate clinical outcomes of extended depth of focus (EDOF) multifocal IOL IOL in Asian eyes.


Department of Ophthalmology, University of Ulsan College of MedicineAsan Medical Center, Seoul, Korea


Thirty one eyes of 16 patients with bilateral cataract were followed up to 3 month after insertion of EDOF multifocal IOL (Symphony, AMO). Distance, intermediate (70cm), and near (40cm) visual acuity (VA), refractive error, and defocus curve were measured after surgery. Also, the questionnaire was used to confirm the subjective symptoms and satisfaction of the patient. (Monofocal IOL was implanted in 1 eye because the patient was not satisfied with EDOF IOL of the other eye.)


Mean age was 44.6�Â�±11.2 year. Mean UCDVA, UCIVA and UCNVA (logMAR) at postoperative 3 months were 0.10�Â�±0.06 and 0.07�Â�±0.12, 0.25�Â�±0.11 and 0.20�Â�±0.03, and 0.29�Â�±0.13 and 0.23�Â�±0.09, monocularly and binocularly, respectively, respectively. Mean spherical equivalent at postoperative 3 months was -0.53�Â�±0.53D. VA of 0.8 or more was achieved in, at least, 0 to 1.5.D defocus range, up to 0 to 3.0D range. Preferred reading distance for the best near VA was 45.00�Â�±3.00 cm. None of patients complained of severe glare/halo. Overall satisfaction rate was 4 (out of 5) at postoperative 3 months


Cataract surgery using EDOF IOL improved UCIVA and UCNVA as well as UCDVA in Asian eyes. Overall satisfaction rate was comparable. But there were still glare/halo, although not severe. Some patients complained about long reading distance although it was explained preoperatively. Further emphasis on the need for reading glasses seems to be needed to increase the patient satisfaction

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