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Evaluation of long-term efficacy and safety of small aperture IC-8 IOLs

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First Author: R.Ang PHILIPPINES

Co Author(s):                        

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To prospectively evaluate long-term safety and efficacy of the small-aperture intraocular lens IC-8 (IOL).


Asian Eye Institute, Makati City, Philippines


Twelve subjects were implanted contralaterally with an IC-8 IOL in one eye and a monofocal IOL in the fellow eye and 10 subjects were implanted bilaterally with the IC-8 IOL. Visual acuity, satisfaction and symptoms ratings are presented on all eyes up to 12 months. Uncorrected distance (UCDVA), intermediate (UCIVA) and near (UCNVA) visual acuities are reported in logMAR. A 7-point scale was used for overall satisfaction (7, extremely satisfied) and visual symptoms (7, very severe).


At 12 months, the mean UCDVA, UCIVA and UCNVA in the IC-8 eyes were 0.05 �Â�± 0.09, 0.025 �Â�± 0.08 and 0.06 �Â�± 0.10, respectively. Glare, halos and night vision ratings were 1.03 �Â�± 1.07, 1.03 �Â�± 0.96 and 0.47�Â�± 0.80, respectively. Overall satisfaction was 6.1 �Â�± 0.78 and 100% of patients said they would have the procedure again. All scores remained stable from early postop to 12 months. Two out of the thirty-two eyes underwent YAG capsulotomy at 12 months.


The IC-8 IOL maintains safety and efficacy by improving and maintaining near, intermediate and distance vision with high overall satisfaction and low visual symptoms over a period of 12 months.

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