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Extended-depth-of-focus technology and toricity well correcting presbyopia and astigmatism

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First Author: E.Anastasi ITALY

Co Author(s):    R. Frison   M. Curatolo                 

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The aim of the study is to evaluate various properties of MINI WELL TORIC Ready (SIFI Medtech) intraocular lens (IOL). The extended depth of focus (EDOF) technology and aspheric toricity are assembled on the same lens allows the subject to have astigmatic and chromatic aberrations-free continuous focusing ability from near to infinity as well as increased tolerance to decentration and tilt, large clear toric optic zone and anti-scattering optic edge.


Department Research&Development SIFI Medtech, Catania, Italy.


In the experimental testing, we have explored the characteristic of the obtained EDOF Toric capability and the tolerance to decentration and tilt. IOLs optical performance, related to the EDOF aspheric design and extended dimension of the toric zone design, were obtained with specific analyzer of image quality at various diameters of investigation. Simulation and test have been performed taking into account the lens position error. Ray-tracing optic simulations have been applied to dimension an optic toric/outer optic join that avoids scattering phenomena.


The performance of the proposed EDOF Toric IOL was tested for different pupil diameters.The MTF and through focus curves as the retinal acuity charts showed uniform performance of the lens from far to near while preserving a continuous contrast for all vision conditions.Combination of EDOF and Toric optic has been investigated.IOL performance resulted good within �Â�±0,5mm of decentration and �Â�±2,5�Â�° of tilt.Optic simulation showed that aspheric toricity increases optical performance (MTF values �â�‰�¥0.43 for far distance) and makes IOL optic more robust to position�â�€�™s change.Toric optic�â�€�™s edge resulted right dimensioned to not creating scattering phenomena at large pupil.


The proposed EDOF Toric IOL technology was tested by numerical simulations and experimentally characterized on an optical bench. The MINI WELL TORIC Ready IOL provides a continuous focus and it is capable of solving presbyopia and astigmatism by simultaneously providing focus extension under various conditions. All the investigated characteristics of this aspheric EDOF IOL permit to affirm that MINI WELL TORIC Ready IOL could be considered an effective, safe, and stable solution for correcting presbyopia and preexisting regular corneal astigmatism during cataract surgery.

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