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Presbyopia eye drops (FOVtear) binocularly-instilled improve near-vision in presbyopic patients: a pilot study

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First Author: V.Vargas SPAIN

Co Author(s):    J. Alio   F. Vejarano                 

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To investigate the feasibility in term of safety and efficacy of a physiological control of presbyopia with the use of a new type of presbyopic eye drop (FOVtear)


Vissum Alicante, SpainFundaci�Ã�³n Oftalmol�Ã�³gica Vejarano, Popay�Ã�¡n, Colombia.


Fourteen emmetropes presbyopic subjects (28 eyes) were binocularly given 1 drop of a combination of drugs (Pilocarpine 0.247%, Phenylephrine 0.78%, Nepafenac 0.023%, Pheniramine 0.034%, Naphazoline 0.003% and Polyethylenglycol 0.09%). Follow-up control included: uncorrected visual acuity, refraction for distance and for near, best corrected visual acuity, best corrected far-near visual acuity, photopic and scotopic pupil size, Schirmer Test, Endothelial Cell Count, Intraocular Pressure, keratometry, pachymetry and Anterior Chamber Depth were taken prior to the administration of the eye drops, and then 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 hours, 1 week and 1 month post-administration prospectively in each eye and binocularly.


The results showed near uncorrected visual acuity improved by about 2 to 3 lines in each eye and binocularly from baseline. No patient had a loss in uncorrected far vision in each eye and binocularly. Refractive showed there was a maximum myopic shift of just 0.5 D that progressively reduces and disappears at 4 hours. Complications such as, temporary headache, were observed in 17% of the participants.


FOVtear presbyopic eye drops improve near vision with a minimal effect on far vision. This binocular pharmacologic treatment of presbyopia has the rationale to ameliorate reading vision and decrease spectacle dependence for presbyopes with the advantages of a non-monovision therapy.

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