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Presbyopian corneal correction

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First Author: C.Palomino SPAIN

Co Author(s):    A. Castillo   D. Carmona   M. Romero Dominguez   J. Angel Cristobal   M. Elias de Tejada        

Abstract Details


We studied the cornea surgical correction to reduce the presbyopia effect by blended vision laser method (Presbiond)


Madrid Quiron University Hospitalc/ Diego de Velazquez, 1 28223 Pozuelo de Alarc�Ã�³n (Madrid)


We carried out a study with 30 patients in 3 groups: a) Group I(Hyperopes): �.50/�.50 D b) Group II(Myopics< 3D): -0.75/-2.75 D c) Group III(Myopics > 3D): -3.00/-7.00 D Wasca (wavefront analyser), ATLAS (Corneal topographer), CRS-Mosta (treatment planning), MEL 90 (Excimer laser) were used.


We Analyzed the prevalence of the ocular dominance in each group. The mean binocular corrected far/near VA pre and post in each group. Post op spherical equivalents in dominant eye and non dominant eye. Post op refractive results in dominant eye and non dominant eye.


- Presbyond is an evolution of LVB software - Controlled induction of z(4,0) plus monovision.- Introduces the item of Functional Age (accommodation width)- Problems:* No access to the induction algorithm (hidden algorithm)* Not knowing the z(4.0) target * Predictability balance vs z(4.0) (UDVA is very good!!!) Personalized adjustments

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