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Clinical outcomes after implantation of a shape-changing corneal inlay with mitomycin C

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First Author: E.Barragan MEXICO

Co Author(s):    A. Chayet                    

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: To assess the safety and efficacy of the Raindrop�Â�® Near Vision Inlay (ReVision Optics, Inc., Lake Forest, CA, USA) implanted in presbyopes with treatment of 0.02% Mitomycin C (MMC).


Laser Ocular Hidalgo, Monterrey, Mexico; Codet Vision, Tijuana, Mexico. (25/50)


: 68 presbyopes were implanted with the Raindrop Inlay in the non-dominant eye under a femtosecond laser flap. 39 of these patients were implanted with the application of 0.02% MMC to the stoma, whereas 29 did not have MMC applied. Patients assessment at 6 months postop (N=17 with MMC, N=25 without MMC) included visual acuities, haze, and satisfaction.


The mean monocular uncorrected near visual acuity improved 5.7 �Â�± 1.8 lines in the inlay eye with MMC and 5.42 �Â�± 2 without MMC. 96% and 94% of patients could see 20/32 or better with and without MMC, respectively. The average distance visual acuity was 20/25 with MMC and 20/32 without MMC. With MMC, none of the patients had reported central haze at 6 months and 94.1% of patients were satisfied, whereas without MMC 9% of patients had haze and 92% of patients were satisfied.


Raindrop Inlay visual outcomes were similar with and without MMC, however, corneal haze was reduced with the addition of MMC and this resulted in higher patient satisfaction.

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