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Bilateral presbyopia correction by Supracor method in cases of ametropia

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First Author: S.Anisimov RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    S. Anisimova   S. Semyonov   I. Novak   L. Fastovtsova           

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To study the far results, effectiveness and safety of SUPRACOR performed in cases of presbyopia, combined with hyperopia


Eye center 'East sight recovery'


The number of patients who underwent SUPRACOR, was 89(178 eyes). Among them were 79 patients(158 eyes) with presbyopia and hyperopia, including those who underwent anterior radial keratotomy in the past(5 patients, 10 eyes). These patients were 44-62 years of age, and the long-term period of observation was 6 years. In 10 patients(20 eyes)was presbyopia combined with myopia. They were 46-52 years of age and the observation period was 21months. Diagnostic and surgical treatment was performed on Zyoptix system which consists of diagnostic working station Zyoptix and excimer laser Technolas 217z100. All the procedures were performed on both eyes of patient.


First day after SUPRACOR in cases of hyperopia all patients had average uncorrected monocular far vision acuity(UMFVA)0.65,uncorrected binocular far vision acuity(UBFVA)0.95,so they could refuse from glasses.Their uncorrected monocular near vision acuity(UMNVA) was0.86, uncorrected binocular far vision acuity (UBNVA)was0.97.With these results they read without glasses.After SUPRACOR performed in myopic cases first day after the surgery all the patients had average UMFVA on dominant eye 0.95, andUMFVA on non-dominant eye0.68.Their UBFVA was1.0, so they could refuse from glasses.Their UMNVA on dominant and non-dominant eye was0.67 and0.96 respectively,and UBNVA was0.98,so they could read without glasses. The results were stable for all observation period.


SUPRACOR can be considered to be a safe and effective method of presbyopia correction in cases of its combination with hyperopia or myopia. It is a good choice for those candidates who doesn't want to undergo more invasive method of refractive lens exchange

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