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Transillumination sign for differentiation of posterior subcapsular and posterior polar cataract

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First Author: O.Parkhomenko UKRAINE

Co Author(s):    G. Parkhomenko                    

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To evaluate efficacy of a new sign transillumination sign for differentiation of posterior subcapsular and posterior polar cataract


Ophthalmological center 'Noviy Zir', Kyiv, Ukraine


Patients which undergone cataract extraction and had opacities of posterior part of the lens with posterior polar cataract suspect were divided into two groups according to the sign of transillumination. The lens was investigated in coaxial light of the slit lamp. If the lens was transilluminated and the red reflex was seen across every part of opacity, the cataract was classified as posterior subcapsular. If the part or the whole posterior cataract appeared dark while transilluminated and a red reflex from fundus was not observed in any part of opacity it was classified as posterior polar. Intraoperative complications were quantified.


20 eyes with posterior polar cataract were included in the first study group and 20 eyes with posterior subcapsular cataract were included in the second group. In the first group femtosecond laser assisted cataract extraction (LenSx laser, Alcon) was performed. Primary posterior capsulorhexis or YAG-laser capsulotomy in postoperational period was performed. In the second group standard phacoemulsification technique was used. The diagnosis of posterior polar and subcapsular cataract was confirmed during the surgery in all cases. There were no intrasurgical complications: posterior capsular ruptures or running posterior capsulorhexis, vitreous prolapse or lens material dislocation observed in the study.


Transillumination of posterior lens opacities was a reliable sign, which allowed to differentiate between posterior subcapsular and polar cataract and to work out surgical strategy.

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