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Clinical results of implantable collamer lens implantation with a central hole (ICL V4c) in eyes with low anterior chamber depth

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First Author: X.Wang CHINA

Co Author(s):    X. Chen   X. Zhou                 

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To investigate visual outcomes of Implantable Collamer Lens implantation with a central hole (ICL V4c) in eyes with a shallow anterior chamber depth (ACD).


Eye ENT hospital of Fudan Uninversity


Medical charts of the patients with a low ACD of 2.8 mm or less who underwent implantable Collamer lens implantation were reviewed. To evaluate efficacy and safety, preoperative and postoperative uncorrected visual acuity, manifest refractive spherical equivalent (MRSE), endothelial cell count, intraocular pressure, and postoperative central vault were analyzed.


This prospective study comprised of 46 eyes of 32 patients implanted with ICL V4c intraocular lenses for 6 month follow-up. The preoperative ACD was 2.73 �Â�± 0.05 mm (range, 2.60 to 2.79 mm). There was no postoperative endothelial cell count reduction to less than 2000 cells/mm2 or intraocular pressure elevation to more than 21mmHg. The mean postoperative central vault at 1 week was 411.82 �Â�± 138.43 mm (range, 130 to 650 mm). No anterior subcapsular cataract was observed in 6 month follow-up.


Implantable Collamer lens implantation with a central hole (ICL V4c) in shallow ACD eyes exhibited good visual outcomes. A postoperative vault less than expected should be taken into account when determining implantable Collamer lens size in lower ACD eyes.

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