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Anterior chamber parameters after phakic IOL surgery: comparison between two different IOLs

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First Author: N.Franqueira PORTUGAL

Co Author(s):    A. Soares   T. Monteiro   F. Faria-Correia   F. Vaz           

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To evaluate changes on the anterior segment parameters after myopia surgery with two different phakic iols.


Hospital de Braga, Braga, Portugal


Forty eyes were included in this study. Twenty eyes were operated with an iris-claw phakic iol (Artiflex, Ophtec BV) and 20 eyes were operated with a posterior chamber phakic iol (ICL V4c, STAAR Surgical). Patients were evaluated preoperatively and six months after surgery with Pentacam. The parameters evaluated were: anterior chamber depth (ACD), anterior chamber volume (ACV), anterior chamber angle (ACA), pupil diameter (PD) and intraocular pressure (IOP).


In the Artiflex group the ACD changed from 3.23mm to 3.07mm (p=0.001), the ACV changed from 206mm3 to 181mm3 (p=0.001) and the ACA from 37.9�â��° to 42.1�â��° (p=0.01). The mean PD was 2.82mm in the pre-op and 2.83mm at 6 months (p>0.05). In ICL group the ACD decreased from 2.99mm to 2.89mm (p=0.01), the ACV from 178mm3 to 125mm3 (p=0.0001), the ACA from 36.6�â��° to 26.5�â��° (p=0.0001). The mean PD decreased from 3.83mm to 3.39mm (p=0.01). There were no statistically significant differences in the IOP in both groups.


Myopia surgery with phakic iols significantly changes the anterior segment parameters. Those changes are not associated with changes in the IOP.

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