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Anterior chamber traumatic PIOL subluxation, why you don't have to lose sight of the ball

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First Author: F.Costales-Mier SPAIN

Co Author(s):    I. Garzo Garcia   L. Monje Fernandez   M. Cuesta Lasso   N. Spagnoli Santa Cruz           

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To describe a traumatic phakic intraocular lense (PIOL) subluxation case, into anterior chamber with pupillary capture, on a patient that had undergone Toric PIOL implantation on both eyes nine years ago. PIOL implantation has become a very popular and effective refractive procedure. Considering that PIOL implantation is mostly performed in young patients, they happen to be more prone to suffer sports injuries, with a potential devastating visual outcome.


Traumatic PICL subluxation into anterior chamber, anterior segment photography, anterior segment OCT, and endothelial cell count was performed on both eyes at presentation and during follow up.


Retrospective case report.


A 45 year old patient, that had toric PIOL implanted nine years ago on both eyes, presented to the emergency room, complaining of visual acuity loss, redness and pain on his right eye, after a tennis ball had hit his right eye.On examination, he presented a Snellen visual acuity 0.4 OD 1 OS. The superonasal PIOL haptic was sub-luxated and captured at the iris margin, with abundant flare and pigment dispersion in anterior chamber.He underwent surgical P-ICL repositioning, with a residual mild iris sphincter defect due to previous trauma, Snellen visual acuity 0.9 OD 1 OS.


The majority of reported complications after PIOL implantation are cataract formation. Spontaneous PIOL dislocation has also been reported among high myopes. After blunt trauma, dislocation of PIOL can occur. Patients should be aware of such potential complications. Specific safety measures should be recommended and be applied when performing such activities, or PIOL implantation should be discouraged in such patients.

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