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Evaluation of uncomplicated pterygium surgery by using Sirius Scheimflug and topography

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First Author: K.Omer IRAQ

Co Author(s):    D. Mirza   K. Salim                 

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The purpose of the study is to know 1. The parameters are changed (reversible) after the surgery 2.the effect of ptrygium on the IOL calculation 3.change of astigmatism and the effect of this factor on lens and refractive surgery in the future 4.chang of anterior chamber parameter


The research was token place in Best Vision eye care in Sulaymaniyah Iraq


Sirius topography was performed for 32 eye in 32 patient pre operativly and 2 month after surgery. The surgery was done by using sheering method and using limbo corneal graft and we used uncomplicated cases The parameters that we used where K mean ACD thinnest corneal location astigmatism obtained from topography and irido corneal angle


The change in cornea had occurred in the mean K value was 41.51-�.71 pre operativly and change to 44.13-�.54 (p=0.001) Astigmatism 9.2 pre operativly to 1.8 post operativly (0.001)Irido corneal angle pre operativly 34.22 and post operativly to 41.14 - 1.25(p=0.003)CorneL thickness (thinnest location) was 486 pre operativly to 506 post operativly (p0.5)ACD is 3.55 mm pre operativly to 3.07 post operativly (p=0.04)About 65% of patient have change of more than 4D in one axis


The ptrygium surgery have reversible change on parameters It is important that before any cataract or refractive surgery you must remove the ptrygium to correct the parameters It is also seen that they have effect on ACD and irido corneal angle

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