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Rheographic index in patients with different clinical refraction using transpalpebral rheo ophthalmography

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First Author: O.Napylova RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    E. Iomdina   E. Tarutta   G. Markosyan   L. Ramazanova   P. Luzhnov   D. Shamaev     

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Determination of the value of the rheographic index in patients with different clinical refractions using the method of transpalpebral rheophthalmography.


Private Healthcare Institution Medical Sanitary Unit,The Helmholtz Moscow Research Institute of Eye Diseases,Bauman Moscow State Technical University


All patients underwent registration and subsequent contour analysis of rheoophthalmography signals obtained by the new method of transpalpebral rheoophthalmography. In this method, the electrodes are applied to the closed eyelid (transpalpebral), and the signal is recorded using a specially developed tetrapolar system. Patients were divided into groups depending on the clinical refraction:the first group -39 patients with myopia of low degree,the second group - 27 patients with myopia of medium degree and the third group -8 patients with high myopia. The control group consisted of 11 patients with emmetropia and 12 patients with hyperopia of low degree.


As a result of the study, a rheographic index was obtained that reflects the magnitude of the systolic blood flow and depends both on the magnitude of the shock release and on the vascular tone. The mean value of rheographic index in the patients of the first group was 48.70 �Â�± 0.5 MoM, in patients of the second group - 44.36 �Â�± 0.4 MoM, in patients of the third group -35.04 �Â�± 0.4 MoM, in the control group - 58.12 �Â�± 0.6 MoM


The value of the rheographic index obtained by the method of transpalpebral rheoophthalmography naturally decreases with increasing refraction, which indicates a deficiency of blood supply to the myopic eyes, which is aggravated with an increase in the degree of myopia.Similar data were obtained earlier using the traditional contact rheography method for the examination of patients with myopia, which confirms the adequacy and informativeness of the new proposed method of rheoophthalmography.

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