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A rare case of choroidal osteoma in a 44-year old female

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First Author: C.Danca ROMANIA

Co Author(s):    M. Chihaia   G. Dimitriu   A. Todireasa   R. Baltag   O. Sandru   C. Costea     

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Choroidal osteoma is a rare tumor which involves the replacement of choroidal tissue with mature bone substance. This tumor is often complicated by the appearance of choroidal neovascularization which can lead to decreased visual acuity. Many aspects of this disease, i.e. its etiology, pathophysiology and treatment, remain unidentified. The purpose of this paper is to present a rare case of choroidal osteoma in a patient suffering from decreased visual acuity in the absence of choroidal neovessels.


2ndOphthalmology Clinic, �â�€�œProf. Dr. Nicolae Oblu�â�€� Emergency Clinical Hospital, Iassy, Romania


Case report with tomographic, angiographic and ultrasound correlations.


The 44-year old patient came to the hospital with choroidal osteoma in her left eye and a decreased visual acuity (AVOS= 20/40 with the best correction) without detecting choroidal neovessels or subretinal fluid. The patient was held under supervision without initiating a therapeutic conduct.


Choroidal osteoma is diagnosed primarily by clinical and imaging methods. In some cases of choroidal osteoma, with impaired visual function choroidal neovessels might not even be present, thus we recommend keeping the patient under supervision without initiating treatment.

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