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Surgical treatment of a case of vascularized adherent corneal leucoma with symblepharon after a 9-year old chemical burn

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First Author: M.Chihaia ROMANIA

Co Author(s):    C. Danca   G. Dimitriu   A. Carauleanu   C. Costea           

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The amniotic membrane is the inner avascular layer of the foetal membrane, currently used in ophthalmology for its ability to facilitate epithelial cell migration, to improve epithelial differentiation and to strengthen basal cell adhesion. Amniotic membrane transplant is used to reconstruct the corneal surface associated with stem cell transplant in total limbal stem cell deficiency. Our purpose is to present the application of this method in a case of vascularized adherent corneal leucoma with symblepharon.


2nd Ophthalmology Clinic, �â�€�œProf. Dr. Nicolae Oblu�â�€� Emergency Clinical Hospital, Iasi, Romania


We present the case of a 50-year old male patient with a vascularized adherent corneal leucoma and symblepharon of the superior eyelid secondary to a 9-year old chemical burn in the right eye. Several previous interventions of leucoma removal with amniotic membrane transplant did not prevent the recurrences. Under local anaestesia we excised the leucoma and applied the amniotic membrane in association with limbal stem cells transplant from the partner eye. We also sectioned the symblepharon and fixed the flap in the conjunctival fornix to prevent recurrences.


The patient�â�€�™s visual acuity was 1/500 preoperatively and 1/10 postoperatively. The transparency of the cornea and the visual acuity were maintained at one year after the surgery, with a normal mobility of the superior eyelid.


Amniotic membrane transplant associated with limbal stem cell transplant is an effective and cheap treatment in old chemical corneal burns with total limbal stem cell deficiency.

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