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Hepatic triglyceride lipase gene polymorphisms (rs10468017, rs493258) association with macular pigment optical density in healthy patients

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First Author: D.Cebatoriene LITHUANIA

Co Author(s):    A. Vilkeviciute   L. Kriauciuniene   R. Liutkeviciene              

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To determine LIPC rs10468017 and rs493258 genotypes associations with macular pigment optical density (MPOD) in ophthalmologically healthy participants of Lithuanian origin.


1Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Medical Academy2Department of Ophthalmology, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Medical Academy


102 participants (204 eyes) healthy subjects were included into our study. The optional macular pigment density module for the Visucam 500 used the reflectance of a single 460-nm wavelength based on a single blue-reflection fundus image to determine MPOD and its spatial distribution. The genotyping of rs10468017 and rs493258 was carried out using the real-time polymerase chain reaction method.


There were no significant differences between MPOD as a function of genotypes: LIPC rs10468017 CC (0.110�Â�± 0.022), CT (0.108�Â�± 0.018), TT (0.153�Â�± 0.188), p=0.840 and LIPC rs493258 CC (0.110�Â�± 0.022), CT (0.105�Â�± 0.017), TT (0.165�Â�± 0.192), p=0.082.


Our results indicate that macular pigment deposition within the central retina does not dependent on genes (rs10468017, rs493258) involved in lipid metabolism in healthy people.This work was funded by a grant (No. SEN-11/2015) from the Research Council of Lithuania.

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