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Corneal wavefront-guided trans epithelial photorefractive keratectomy for the correction of highly aberrated corneas with prior corneal refractive surgery using a systematic approach

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First Author: D.Sung Yong Kang SOUTH KOREA

Co Author(s):    S. Arba.Mosquera   T. Ewering   T. Magnano   H. Lee   E. Kim   T. Kim     

Abstract Details


To determine the refractive and aberration outcomes of Corneal Wavefront Guided (CWFG) Trans Epithelial Photorefractive Keratectomy (TPRK) for highly aberrated corneas using a systematic approach to minimize ablation depth.


Eyereum Eye Clinic, Seoul, Korea.


16 highly aberrated corneas that had undergone previous refractive surgery were consecutively enrolled in this retrospective study. A systematic calculation involving manifest, wavefront refraction, and corneal high order aberrations were made with the aid of a custom software, Decision Asisstant Wizard (DAW). Primary focus was set on aberration correction with secondary aims for refractive correction. Considerations to prohibit excessive ablation and overcorrection were given.


Results at 3 months showed excellent outcomes for corneal HOA corrections with increase in BCVA. However, refractive outcomes were undercorrected requiring a second procedure for the correction of Lower order aberrations.


A custom software (DAW) to calculate ablation patterns for CWFG TPRK to correct highly aberrated corneas after previous refractive surgery showed excellent correction of HOA, with reasonable refractive predictability. There were no overcorrections in this series.

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