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Bilateral LASIK interface fibrosis

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First Author: O.Berger CHILE

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To describe a case and their images of bilateral interface fibrosis in a healthy patient with history of 3 months of uneventful LASIK.


Military Hospital of Santiago de Chile. Chilean Army


A 25 years-old men with no past history of systemic or ocular diseases, consult for ocular discomfort and decreased uncorrected visual acuity 3 months after uneventful LASIK in both eyes. Previous LASIK best corrected distance visual acuity was OD 0,7 and OS 0,6 with manifest refraction of OD -6.0 x 16�Â�º, OS -1,75 = -3,75x 145�Â�º


Post LASIK visual acuity was 1.0 bilateral. 6 months after the procedure uncorrected visual acuity is OD 0,9 and OS 0,7 and a manifest refraction of �,25 = -2,5x 10�Â�º ->1,0, -2,0 x 140�Â�º -> 0,8. IOP was 8 and 7 mm Hg.Corneal exam reveal under both flaps fibrosis similar to haze. No history of trauma, infection or discharge was found. The patient was treated with 30 days of fluorometholone with no answer. Anterior segment OCT reveal a high lucid zone under the flap. Corneal topography show central flattening.


Patient refuse another surgery for lifting the flap. Topical steroids with lubrication was continued for 60 days and 6 months after the onset of the complication no improvement was observed.We think this is a different scenario of late onset Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis (DLK) or Central Toxic Keratopathy (CTK) because no answer was found with steroids and the beginning of the fibrosis was later than the usual for CTK.

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