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Topography-guided LASIK (TGL) vs SMILE: 1 year refractive and quality of vision outcomes in contralateral eyes

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First Author: A.Kanellopoulos GREECE

Co Author(s):                        

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To compare refractive and vision outcomes TGL vs. Smile.

Setting: Clinical and Research Eye Institute, Athens, Greece


In 22 consecutive patients (44 eyes), one eye was prospectively randomized to have topography-guided LASIK, and the contralateral: Smile. We evaluated perioperative acuity, refraction (SE), keratometry, contrast sensitivity (CS), wavefront (RmSH and Coma), and objective scatter index (OSI).


Mean values TGL vs. Smile respectively: UDVA 20/20: 83.3% vs. 61.1%, UDVA 20/16: 50% vs. 22,2%, BCVA 20/20: 94.4% vs. 88.9%. SE in diopters (D): �.14 �Â�± 0,12 vs. -0,24 �Â�±0,32. CS at 6 cycles per degree: 7,2�Â�±1,01 vs. 6,20�Â�±1,52. RmSH 0,28 vs. 0,55 um; Coma 0,15 vs. 0,35 um. OSI 0,9 vs. 1,35.


TGL was superior to Smile in all metrics studied. The difference between the two techniques currently may derive from eye - tracking and/or active centration control in the TGL.

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