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Comparison of astigmatism correction between femtosecond LASIK and ReLEx SMILE with manual cyclotorsion compensation for myopic astigmatism

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First Author: S.Ganesh INDIA

Co Author(s):    S. Brar                    

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To study and compare the efficacy and predictability of astigmatism correction with Femtosecond LASIK and ReLEx SMILE for clinically significant astigmatism(-0.75 D and above).


Nethradhama Eye Hospital, Bangalore


This retrospective study involved 30 eyes from 30 patients undergoing Femtosecond LASIK(FS-LASIK) using MEL 90 excimer laser platform and 30 eyes from 30 patients undergoing ReLEx SMILE using Visumax Femtosecond laser for myopic astigmatism. In the FS-LASIK group, intraoperative cyclotorsion was compensated by automatic iris registration software, while in SMILE group cyclotorsion was compensated manually by gentle rotation of the cone. No eye suffered suction loss while performing this maneuver in the SMILE group. Results were compared with Alpins method of vector analysis(ASSORT software) at 6 months.


Mean age was comparable in both groups( 27.63 in FS-LASIK and 28.93 years in SMILE).Mean pre astigmatism was -1.52 �Â�± 0.99 D and -1.80�Â�±0.92 D which reduced to -0.3 �Â�±0.3 and �â�€�“0.22�Â�±0.28 D in FS-LASIK and SMILE group respectively at 6 months. Vector analysis at 3 months showed the Surgically induced astigmatism(SIA), Correction Index(CI) , Index of success(IOS), Difference vector(DV) of 1.23, 1.04, 0.182, 0.20 for FS-LASIK group, and 1.35, 1.00, 0.19, 0.24 respectively for SMILE group. There was no significant difference between these parameters at the end of 6 months( p -values for SIA=0.61, CI=0.65, IOS= 0.83 and DV=0.54).


ReLEx SMILE with manual cyclotorsion compensation achieved excellent astigmatism correction for moderate myopic astigmatism which was comparable with FS-LASIK

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