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Evaluation between biomechanical and topographic parameters: normal versus keratoconus

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First Author: S.Aliyeva AZERBAIJAN

Co Author(s):    A. Safarova                    

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Measuring the corneal biomechanical properties and knowing about the corr�Ã�©lations between biomechanical and topographic parameters for normal cornea and keratoconus may help to detect keratoconus suspect corneas and eliminate the risk for ectasia after LASIK.


National Ophtalmology Centre named after acad.Zarifa Aliyeva


We reviewed data of 120eyes separated into two groups: normal (n=40), keratoconus (n=80). The Corneal Hysteresis (CH) and Corneal Resistance Factor (CRF) were measured by the Analyzer ll Wavelight (Alcon, AB�Å�ž) The following information was obtained for each patient: age, sex, and data related to the Analyzer ll including CH and CRF. Central corneal thickness (CCT) was provided by Wavelight Oculyzer (Alcon, AB�Å�ž). Also, data on the keratometry in the 3, 5 and 7 mm are provided, with Wavelight Oculyzer (Alcon, AB�Å�ž) (surface asymetry, keratometry in various zones, eccentricity, etc,,.)


There were significantly more males in the keratoconus group (p<0.001). The mean age was not statistically different between the two groups. Mild corr�Ã�©lations were found for some parameters. The higher corr�Ã�©lation was found between (CH-CRF) and the keratometric value of the steepest meridian in the central 3 mm for both groups. This corr�Ã�©lation was higher in the keratoconus group R=0,483 (P<0,001) than for the normal group R=0.442 (P<0,001)


This is the first study to compare the corr�Ã�©lations between biomechanical and topographic properties for normal and keratoconus. By knowing more about these correlations, we can understand the biomechanical cons�Ã�©quences of topographic parameters on the cornea. The real goal is to establish a KC Risk score.

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