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Has the tablet perimetry arrived? Visual fields easy app vs Humphrey field analyser in glaucoma patients

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First Author: S.Thakur INDIA

Co Author(s):    P. Ichhpujani   R. Kaur   S. Kumar   Y. George Kong           

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To determine the correlation between the perimetric outcomes using a free application program of the iPad, �â�€�˜Visual Fields Easy�â�€�™ and Humphrey Visual Field Analyser, in normal as well as eyes with glaucomatous damage of varying severity.


Government Medical College and Hospital Chandigarh


In this prospective, cross sectional, observational pilot investigation, visual field testing was carried out in 160 eyes (36 Normal, 23 Disc Suspect, 101 Glaucoma), using Visual Field Easy application (V8) on the iPad and white-on-white using Humphrey Visual Field Analyser II. Severity of glaucoma was categorized using Hodapp-Anderson-Parrish criteria for visual field defects. The application tests 96 visual field locations within the central 30 degrees, using a background luminance of 31.5 apostilbs (10 cd/m2) and a 16 dB suprathreshold static perimetry target. The results of the Visual Fields Easy program were compared to the 24-2 SITA FAST Humphrey Visual Fields.


36 eyes (22.5%) Normal, 23 (14.4%) Disc Suspects, 44 (27.5%) POAG, 48 (30%) PACD and 9 (5.6%) Secondary Glaucoma. No linear relationship was noted between Missed Points on the Visual Fields Easy with MD (r2=0.04) and PSD (r2=0.01) values obtained with the HVF. The False Positive Points in the Central 15 degree field also showed weak positive correlation with the (r=0.187) MD and (r=0.094) PSD values obtained from the HVF. AROC for eyes with MD < 6 dB (moderate to severe glaucoma) versus normal was MP area=0.89 and for MD > 6 dB (mild glaucoma) versus normal was MP area=0.91.


Tablet perimetry may be a promising alternative when standard perimetry machines are unavailable or unsuitable. Tablet perimetry can be useful in monitoring and in detecting early changes in the visual field, only if it is able to return threshold estimates. Visual Fields Easy application may be used as a screening tool for glaucoma but cannot be used as a substitute for Humphrey Field analyser in clinic. Larger studies are needed to evaluate the role of such tablet based applications for glaucoma detection as well to monitor progression.

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