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Sphenopalatine-orbital blockade in treatment of ciliochoroidal detachment after sclerectomy

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First Author: T.Sokolovskaya RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    Y. Konovalenko   Y. Gorodetskaya                 

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Analysis of the effectiveness of the spenopalatine-orbital blockade (SOB) in case of treatment the ciliochoroidal detachment (CCD) after after non-penetrating deep sclerectomy.


The S. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution, Moscow, Russia


Under observation there were 28 patients with open-angle glaucoma. The timing of the development of the CCD ranged 1-3 days surgery. On all eyes were diagnosed: 'the small anterior chamber', the expressed hypotonia (IOP>10mmHg), B-scanning: all patients had a serous detachment. Primary group (16 patients) - SOB with bupivacaine-epinephrine 0,5% 2-4ml etamsylate 1,5mgkg sodium caffeine benzoate 1,5mgkg betametazone dipropionate 25 mkgkg once a day in number of 2-4 depending on a clinical current of a complication. Control group (12 patients) - subconjunctival injections of dexamethasone sodium phosphate 0,4%-0,3ml sodium caffeine benzoate 10%-0,1ml phenylephrine hydrochloride 0,5%-0,2ml.


The IOP of patients after treatment in both groups reached on average 15 mm Hg, but the speed of normalization of an oftalmotonus at patients of primary group was higher and constituted 2-4 days, in control group constituted 5-7 days. According to B-scanning the complete fit of a CCD occurred in 1-2 days after normalization of IOP at patients in both groups. The convalescence patients after treatment in primary group CCD advancing on day 3-6, in control group - 7-9 days.


Application SPB for the treatment CCD is effective, pathogenetically directed method. The presented technology allows to achieve a significant reduction in terms of relief of complications and rehabilitation period of patients.

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